Ladybirds and berry blossoms

Ladybug symbolism is all about good luck,protection, security and good fortune around the world


If a ladybug lands on you, stay very still and count the spots. The number of spots will reveal the number of months you will enjoy good luck.


Others believe you get to make a wish if a ladybug lands on your hand. The number of spots will be equivalent to the number of months (some say years) before your wish comes true.

Bring paradise to your every day life with this peyote stitch bracelet.

Wear your own lucky ladybird bracelet with you.


Don’t wait to try out this free beaded pattern. It’s not every day you get to feel like lucky, but you will with stacking bracelets like these!

Peyote stitch patterns – ladybirds and berry blossoms:

Ladybirds and berry blossoms


Ladybirds and berry blossoms


Ladybirds and berry blossoms

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