Wonderful Necklace

Watch out pearls because this Beaded Wonderful Necklace may become your new best friend. DIY jewelry are beautiful if you love them.

Wonderful Necklace Bracelet Things are beautiful if you love them Beading Tutorial Aylake Ailaviu

Not only are the glossy white pearls stunning to look at, but red seed beads puts a modern twist on a timeless look.

Wonderful Necklace Bracelet People are more than just the way they look Beading Tutorial Aylake Ailaviu

If you love beaded jewelry, but want a DIY jewelry piece that is unique from all the other pieces you have, then this wonderful beaded bracelet is exactly what you need.

Wonderful Necklace Bracelet Smell the sea and feel the sky let your spirit fly Beading Tutorial Aylake Ailaviu

Plus, because this is a simple pattern you can wear this DIY bracelet with any dress or shirt you own!

Wonderful Necklace Bracelet Beauty is power a simile is its sword Beading Tutorial Aylake Ailaviu

You are going to need for this pattern :



Jump rings


Pearls 8 mm

Seed beads 11/0

Seed beads 15/0

Just look the tutorial and follow step by step:

This video doesn’t exist

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