Prepare for the prettiest DIY earrings you ever did see! These Charming “CORA” Earrings are a lovely DIY jewelry design.

Cora Earrings Necklace Love is the beginning and end of everything Beading Tutorial Aylake Ailaviu

Versatile and chic, these teardrop earrings are stylish for so many occasions. With their sweet white seed beads and precious resin flower bead, these beaded earrings would be a lovely “something blue” anytime.

Cora Earrings Necklace You are source of my joy the center of my world and the whole of my heart Beading Tutorial Aylake Ailaviu

You can also just wear these pretty homemade earrings when you want to feel like a fairy.

Cora Earrings Necklace You are enough Beaded Tutorial Aylake Ailaviu

You are going to need:



Earring hooks

Seed beads 15/0

Seed beads 11/0

Resin flower bead 11 mm

Just look the tutorial and follow step by step:

This video doesn’t exist

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