Frosted waves

Whether you are a master at creating different beading patterns or you are just starting to dabble in the process, this Frosted waves Bracelet is a perfect DIY jewelry project for you.

Frosted Waves Bracelet A loving heart is the truest wisdom Beading tutorial Ailaviu Aylake

The stunning and simple beading pattern for this DIY bracelet is perfect for all different kinds of occasions.

Frosted Waves Bracelet Build bridges not walls Beading Tutorial Ailaviu Aylake

The fantastic pearls and crystals mix together to create and overall enchanting beaded bracelet that works perfect as a DIY gift as well.

Frosted Waves Bracelet Love yourself then forget it then love the world Beading tutorial Ailaviu Aylake

Plus, you can easily switch up the colors for this handmade bracelet to match whatever kind of colors or themes you prefer!

Frosted Waves Bracelet Love me or hate me Beading Tutorial Ailaviu Aylake
Beaded bracelet “Frosted waves “animated tutorial

You are going to need:



jump rings


seed beads 15/0

pearls 4 mm

pearls 8 mm

bicones 3 mm

bicones 4 mm

bicones 6 mm

Just look the tutorial and follow step by step:

This video doesn’t exist

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