Gratitude changes everything


“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

“It’s so strange that autumn is so beautiful; yet everything is dying.” 

“It’s no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense.” – Mark Twain

“The man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd.” – James Crook

“What counts can’t always be counted; what can be counted doesn’t always count.” – Albert Einstein

“Speak low, if you speak love.” – William Shakespeare

“Love is the absence of judgment.” – Dalai Lama

“If you wished to be loved, love.” – Seneca

“Love the sinner and hate the sin.” – Augustine of Hippo

“If a thing loves, it is infinite.” – William Blake

“A happy wife is a happy life.” – Gavin Rossdale

“Happiness lies in perspective.”

“Boredom: the desire for desires.” –  Leo Tolstoy

“Do more of what makes you happy.”

“Happiness depends upon ourselves.” – Aristotle

“True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable.” – David Tyson

“‘Enough’ is a feast.” – Buddhist proverb

“Count your blessings.” – Og Mandino

“Be obsessively grateful.”

“Gratitude changes everything.”

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