Make a pretty and elegant jewelry piece with this beaded “Evalyn” Necklace.

Evalyn Necklace I love you more than coffee but please dont make me prove it beading tutorial aylake ailaviu

This beading pattern is sure to give you a glamorous and stylish look. Fit for a queen, or any woman that wants to feel like a star, this necklace is sure to be a favorite within your jewelry collection.

Evalyn Necklace Love life and life will love you back Beading tutorial Aylake Ailaviu

Make this homemade necklace in your favorite color to finish off a stunning look for a party or special occasion.

Evalyn Necklace Thinking of you keeps me awake Beading tutorial Aylake ailaviu

You are going to need:



jump rings /clasps

seed beads 15/0

seed beads 11/0

seed beads 8/0

bicones 4 mm

bicones 6 mm

pearls 10 mm

Just look the tutorial and follow step by step:

Beaded jewelry