Make a pretty and elegant jewelry piece with this beaded “Evalyn” Necklace.

Evalyn Necklace I love you more than coffee but please dont make me prove it beading tutorial aylake ailaviu

This beading pattern is sure to give you a glamorous and stylish look. Fit for a queen, or any woman that wants to feel like a star, this necklace is sure to be a favorite within your jewelry collection.

Evalyn Necklace Love life and life will love you back Beading tutorial Aylake Ailaviu

Make this homemade necklace in your favorite color to finish off a stunning look for a party or special occasion.

Evalyn Necklace Thinking of you keeps me awake Beading tutorial Aylake ailaviu

You are going to need:



jump rings /clasps

seed beads 15/0

seed beads 11/0

seed beads 8/0

bicones 4 mm

bicones 6 mm

pearls 10 mm

Just look the tutorial and follow step by step:


Beaded earrings are some of the prettiest patterns out there.

Isabella Earrings The more you create the more you are alive Beading Tutorial Ailaviu Aylake

Isabella DIY Earrings are no exception! These beaded DIY earrings are a gorgeous addition to any jewelry box.

Isabella Earrings Romance is the icing but love is the cake beading tutorial Ailaviu Aylake

You can create them in any color you’d like, so they can match your favorite outfits.

You are going to need:



Earring hooks

Seed beads 15/0

Bicones 4 mm

Bead drops (any size)

Just look this beading tutorial and follow step by step:

Simple Flowers 2 Earrings

These Beaded Pearl Earrings are perfect for any formal occasion.

Simple Flowers 2 Earrings Love with your heart not your eyes Beading Tutorial Aylake Ailaviu

Jewelry can be pricey, and sometimes it’s difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Simple Flowers 2 Earrings My six world love story U cant imagine life without you Beading Tutorial Aylake Ailaviu

So why not make a beaded earrings?Often, that’s not as difficult as it sounds.

Simple Flowers 2 Earrings Where there is love there is life Beading Tutorial Aylake Ailaviu

What are you going to need:



Earring hooks

Seed beads 15/0

Bicones 6 mm

Pearls 8 mm

Spacer beads

Just look the beading tutorial and follow step by step